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This is great

This popped up on io9 today, and while delightful, I can’t help but feel a little bit disappointed it didn’t deal with oxytocin, histocompatibility groups, or the amygdala. Ah, well. Enjoy! [Yadda, yadda, DNA helicase, yadda, yadda, unzip your genes.]

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Prepare yourself for SCIENCE

Last month at a party I was sitting in a pile of people I love and decided to have an impromptu “Ask a scientist” session. I answered a few questions (including “Why beards?” WHY?”), and proceeded to go off on … Continue reading

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And now for you, I have nothing left

I said a thing today that I’ve been thinking about ever since it fell out of my mouth: “I’m only afraid when things can be taken from me.” The first thing that struck me when this pile of steaming self-help fell … Continue reading

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That Band Post

I fucking love my band.† We just released our first EP back in September and played our CD release show at the Whistlestop a few weeks ago now. I never thought I’d be in a band. I’d actually given up … Continue reading

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Thank God I’m Alive

I’ve fallen in love with a song. Bat For Lashes – Lilies It’s been a while since I’ve fallen for something. In a time in my life when I’m working on changing so many things about me, this warms me. … Continue reading

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I’ve done NaNo pretty much every year for the past five or six years. Some years I’ve won, others I’ve spectacularly lost, but every time I’ve done it, I’ve managed to write more than I have in previous months, and it … Continue reading

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All I ever wanted was to be your spine

I’ve been thinking a lot tonight about thinking, since it’s something I do more of than I probably should. When I’m not thinking, I’m reading or watching things to think about later. Or maybe listening to music that makes me … Continue reading

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Being good, being great, and a slight overdose on writing process geekery

I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking and talking with folks about writing and process. Earlier this week I had a write-in with a friend of mine who’s working on a non-fiction book. We talked about the differences between our … Continue reading

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Thoughts like lead balloons

So I’ve been working on a book this year. By this point I was hoping to be mostly done with the revision draft, with the goal of getting to the end of it by July.  That’s not even close to … Continue reading

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More than you ever needed to know about my smoking habits

I love smoking.  I used to hate it. My dad would chain smoke More Menthols in our small, two-bedroom apartment when I was growing up. He’d have a cigarette hanging out of his mouth when he was cooking, or folding … Continue reading

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