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A Long Exhale

I started seeing a therapist recently. For lots of different reasons. I’d been putting off doing this for years, telling myself that I was fine, or I would be. I’ve always considered myself a pretty self-aware person. I had ideas … Continue reading

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That time that Kelly lost her mind for four minutes and fifty one seconds

I wanted to share something funny that happened the other day, which will require a little bit of background: Relevant datapoint the first: I went to a four day long Burning Man decom festival (Youtopia) this past weekend, and as … Continue reading

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Texas and an Imaginary Tower

First off is news: My latest story, “The Tower” is now up at the Journal of Unlikely Architecture! I’m fond of this story – the idea for it came one afternoon from my friend Tucker on Twitter one slow afternoon at … Continue reading

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Why I Run

[Warning: contains lots of fitness and weight-related things] For any of you who might follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed the daily exchanges with Elizabeth Bear, Fran Wilde and Sarah Goslee (and also occasionally Kyle Cassidy) about exercise-related … Continue reading

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Artistic Mania – or How to Make a Movie in a Weekend

I love deadlines. I really do. A while back, my friend April decided that for her birthday this year, she wanted to bring together everyone she knew to help her make a movie for the 48 Hour Film Project. I, … Continue reading

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It’s Like Slapping Yourself in the Face

I’m home again, for now, and I’m laid up for the night with a tweaked back again, so it feels like a good time to write up some general life updates (in chronological order): I moved! I hate moving. I’ve … Continue reading

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Nothing’s Measured By What It Needs

Since my last post, I’ve been taking time, entire days on occasion, to think; about what it is  I want, what I need, who I am, who I’ve been, who I want to be. Today’s been one of those days. … Continue reading

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I’ll Be Fine in a Minute

I’ve not given myself much downtime lately. On the one hand, it’s great. My hours are packed with art and music and laughter and friends, and I’m lucky to have enough to fill every moment of every day with these … Continue reading

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Brust, Zelazny, Skill, Taste and a very brief life update

I told myself I wouldn’t do anything productive tonight, out of respect for my poor brain (and knees – trail running is gorgeous, except for the wonky terrain, which my already fucked up knees didn’t appreciate). Sunday, I got back … Continue reading

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Shake It Out

I have been REALLY good lately about dropping the ball. I’ve blown through deadlines (both external AND self-imposed) with a gleeful abandon, much like if I were doing a steeple chase with my arms thrust back like an airplane, sprinting … Continue reading

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